Foundation Repair

Precision and Expertise in Every Step

Initial Assessment with Cutting-Edge Technology:

At Burke Stripling Company, our foundation repair process begins with a meticulous assessment using advanced digital leveling equipment. This initial step is crucial to accurately gauge the extent of the repairs needed, ensuring that our approach is precisely tailored to your property’s unique requirements.

Strategic Planning and Execution:

We meticulously determine the optimal locations for piling, followed by careful hand-digging of holes to access the area beneath the foundation. This approach is designed to ensure accuracy and minimize disturbance to your property.

Innovative Repair Techniques:

Utilizing a high-pressure water jet system, we effectively loosen the soil, preparing it for the foundation repair process. A powerful 25-ton hydraulic ram then drives a column of concrete pilings to its maximum depth, providing a robust and lasting solution.

Foundation Repair

Interlocking Pilings for Enhanced Stability:

Each piling column is interlocked using 1/2″ rebar, a method that ensures enhanced stability and alignment. We meticulously work on each column until the structure is leveled, with continuous digital measurements to confirm the precision of our work.

Minimizing Impact on Your Property:

Throughout the repair process, we take utmost care to minimize any potential damage to your landscaping and grounds. Our team operates with a commitment to leaving your property as pristine as we found it.

Final Steps for a Seamless Finish:

Cap blocks are strategically placed atop each piling column, and jacks are utilized to ensure a uniform fit. The process is completed with support blocks topped with steel shims, meticulously leveling your property.

Restoration and Clean-Up:

Post-repair, we diligently fill the holes and remove any excess dirt. Our team goes the extra mile to restore landscaping, irrigation systems, and all work areas, leaving no trace of the construction process.

Comprehensive Foundation Repair Services:

Burke Stripling Company offers a wide range of foundation repair services, including foundation damage repair, house leveling, foundation raising, correction of sloping floors, home leveling, and pier and beam solutions.

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